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The word «ideal» is of Greek origin. It means «standard» and «norm». The ideal for us is the idea of something perfect. And yet the ideal, the dream that is dreaming. There is also such a thing as perfect beauty, perfect looks or the perfect costume.

In these phrases the word «ideal» means «best,» «complete sample». And the concept writemyessays24.com of the «ideal» close to the concept of «moral values» is good and truth, and love, and happiness. To these ideals we seek in relationships with other people. And since we all have different education, different social status, different life experiences, and our ideals become different.

So in most cases ideal to consider something perfect and desirable. A moral ideal for relationships between people, life in society, moral values of a person. However, such views should look the same opinions. Some believe that in an ideal society they should be provided with housing, food, clothing, to be self-sufficient. Others believe that it is more important to be free and independent, creative work, to be morally independent – it’s for their looks perfect. Despite the differences, they still have a common desire to live in an ideal country in an ideal society, have a perfect family. And the embodiment of our ideas of the perfect man is the man who has all the best moral qualities as our

The Lord – honesty, kindness, courage, unselfish love, wisdom, mercy, forgiveness, sacrifice, etc. In the chests of human experience there are many religious images of the ideal is the Buddha in Buddhism, and Muhammad in Islam and Jesus in Christianity, and many others. It is the idols of mankind the most perfect set of fair moral character. Each nation has its idol, its benchmark.

Aesthetic ideals relate to social-historical notion of beauty. Most commonly they are represented in art, painting, literature and music. Them to list not enough time and effort. But spiritual and moral ideals will always be ahead of the technical and social, because love and beauty at all times http://www.agenda-normandie.com/coursework-writing-tips/ stood and will stand on the podium.

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