While very few video cards use this slot it would be nice to see it there when the cards come out using this slot possibly some GF3 video cards. Most of the other well known coolers such as the Global Win FOP38, Vantech super cooler fit perfectly on this board as does most water coolers so its still a very good boards despite this slight space problem. In the right hand picture we can see the IDE connector layout. When was the last time you upgraded your PC? Just about everyone plays games so lets see how the Abit copes with a few gaming benchmarks. This makes the KTA chipset a very attractive option. ATX form factor 2.

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Hardware monitoring – Including Fan speed, Voltages, System environment temperature 4. Abit where among the first to fit a Fan on the Northbridge chipset, they set the trend, now heatsink and fans are common on nearly every recent motherboard Northbridge controller. I could run a whole bunch of tests of the board, but since I just reviewed the whole OcUK bundle last week, it seems somewhat pointless so I’ll just show you the most popular Sandra benchmarks.

Click to find out more. While very few video cards use this slot it would be nice to see it there when the cards come out using this slot possibly some GF3 video cards.

We have discussed before that with KT chipset neither the heat sink nor the fan is necessary for the North Bridge, even though the chip gets relatively hot during heavy usage. Subscribe to our Newsletter. In the picture on the left we can see the KTA Northbridge. I must say I like Abit motherboards a lot, just about every motherboard I’ve had in the past few years, has been an Abit, I’ve gone from the BH6 through to the BE6 and now on with the KT7 series and they’ve all performed, and kept of performing consistently over the years.

If you wait for the picture above to load you will see the memory benchmarks are taken at the various different settings and finally with the FSB maxed out at MHZ with all the various options in the Abit BIOS turned on for extra memory performance.


In advanced Chipset features, the memory timing was set to Turbo, Interleave was set to 4 way and CAS latency set to 2, these are the main options for performance setting, they only work with decent quality branded memory, such as Crucial or Mushkin, with cheaper spec memory you may not be able to turn on all the performance settings and still maintain stability. Memory performance and bandwidth make quite a large difference to the whole computer’s performance and benchmark results.

VIA stated to us that the mirror chip is the newest revision of the KTA, the ones without the mirror are earlier revision of the KTA chipset, so will this make a difference? Via have sussed this out an now the KTA chipset is regarded as a high performance motherboard chipset.


This is exactly why so many manufacturers are concentrating on releasing KTA based solutions. When was the last time you upgraded your PC?

This presents problems when trying to install large heatsinks such as orb coolers or some of the larger Alpha coolers such as the PEP66T. Click here for a slightly more thorough rundown on RAID.

Log in Don’t have an account? RAID 1 mirroring mode for data security 5. Talking about the design Index Talking about the design The Features: That raised an interesting question: The fan keeps the Northbridge cooler and adds stability at the higher bus speeds offered on the newer boards.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Quite a few KTA motherboards have arrived at the AnandTech Labs, and as usual, we will walk you through all of them and let you know which one is the best.

Review: ABIT KT7A – Mainboard –

As we have mentioned several times, the migration from the KT to the KTA chipset is a relatively easy job for motherboard manufacturers.

Just about everyone plays games so lets see how the Abit copes with a few gaming benchmarks. I do like this board a lot though, it offers overclockers all the facilities we need to get the best out of the system, and you cant really expect much more from a motherboard, this along with Abit’s experience in this market and there continual bug fixing BIOS updates and web presence ensures that the Abit KT7 series motherboards are winners in my eyes.


For a final gaming benchmark I tried kh7a 3dmark and tried to get the highest possible score.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. This is k7ta place where the Abit really shines above other socket A boards on the market it offers lots of tweaking possibilities. Overall RAID 0 makes the computer feel quicker and more responsive abih loading applications and large games, the only downside is the extra expense and the bit of extra time on Windows bootup as the RAID array is initialized.

Find other tech kg7a computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. In the right hand picture we can see the IDE connector layout. I ran it with a MHz Athlon Thunderbird CPU and it easily got the Tbird up to MHz, obviously this has a lot to do with the choice of CPU, but the Abit board with all it’s tweaks offers the best possible chance of overclocking the CPU and running it successfully, Abit have been loudly touting the 3 phase power circuits built on the board whilst over manufacturers stick with a 2 phase voltage circuit design, the 3 phase power design is supposed to offer better stability under the high current loads of the latest CPU’s and especially the overclocked Tbird’s, and it also offers much better ktt7a dissipation, throughout the boards components.

ATX form factor 2. Well that’s the drive benchmarks covered in some detail now on with the other bits, obviously there are a wide variety of different factors which influence the overall speed of the motherboard, CPU choice for one, memory speed for another and probably the most.