Connecting your instruments This step shows how to install an Buying used equipment doesn’t always have to be a shot in the dark. Then, click the icon and click About Agilent IO Control to display the installed version must be version 15 or greater. Note that even new 2 3 computers often have new BIOSs available. We suggest that you start at Step 1 and then go to Step 2 and then to Step 3, as required. Some guidelines to set these values follow.

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Tab to Driver and click Reinstall Driver. You can modify this default behavior by doing the following: If you have installed more than one Polling mode is technollogies for transferring a small number of bytes because the setup overhead is very low, but it does require CPU involvement for each byte transferred.

Further, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Agilent disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, with regard to this manual and any information contained herein, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness pcci a particular purpose. This version supports the latest interfaces and operating systems and has the most advanced features. On your Web browser address line, type www.


Agilent Technologies makes no warranties of any kind with regard to this document, whether express or implied. Installing configuration files 1 Apply Power.

Where could I download the driver for GPIB card?? – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Highlight Computer and click Properties. Interrupt mode is advantageous for transferring large buffers because the higher per byte transfer rate more than compensates for the relatively long interrupt setup overhead.

In this case, or if the rechnologies version is not L. Start the Windows Device Manager as follows: This figure shows a typical Windows display.

Troubleshooting Guidelines 2 Hardware Checks This section gives guidelines to make hardware troubleshooting checks for theincluding In this case, or if the installed version is not If the hardware checks do not solve the problem, see Software Checks. Try the following steps to perform driver workarounds: The process is as follows: The screwdriver slots are for removal purposes only. New computers 2 3 oftentimes have newer BIOSs available.

Keysight 82350C – GPIB Controller for Universal-PCI

If the radio or European Directives, and complies with the essential requirements of the following applicable television reception does not carries the CE marking accordingly: Safety Symbols The following symbol on the instrument and in the documenta- tion indicates precautions that must agilennt taken to Environment Conditions This instrument is designed for indoor use in areas with low condensation.


Agilent Technologies b Pci Gpib was fully scanned at: See the associated step if you need more details. Note that even new computers may have a newer BIOS available Agilent Technologies, Incorporated — technllogies St. Install any new hardware. The auto- discovery process can cause sound and other cards to stop responding.

Agilent B PCI GPIB Interface_百度文库

Restricted Rights Legend U. Note that even new computers may have a newer BIOS available.

Caution, risk of danger refer to this manual for specific Warning or Caustion information. Try all the different values and 83250b the one that works. However, two or more System Controllers on the same bus will cause the bus to be inoperative.