If you get stuck just PM me on here. In addition to that, do perform a system restart after you have completely applied the present release so that all changes take effect. The HyperFlash memory card is inserted into the flash controller and then directly plugged into the motherboard ATA connector. Since the flash controller is designed to be compatible with ATA pin-out definitions also to fit the ATA motherboard connector and is designed by Molex , this allows OEMs to produce their own brands of HyperFlash modules while at the same time providing maximum compatibility between HyperFlash modules. Why wouldn’t you want to use the software designed for your hardware over generic ones?

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Windows OS automatically installs a generic driver that allows computers to recognize basic motherboard functions. This particular card has delivered much better performance on other motherboards that use the exact same ICH9R south bridge, so I’m more inclined to write this off as an odd motherboard incompatibility rather than a flaw in the G35 chipset. Retrieved January 20, In response to this, all discrete northbridges of the chipset series were designed on a 65 nm CMOS process, manufactured by TSMCaimed at lowering power consumptions of chipsets.

These IGP features are listed below:.

One of s700 major focus of the chipset series is the energy efficiency of the chipsets. The drivers from this We tested with HD Tach 3. TimmyP Senior Member Posts: Forget about the CPU utilization results, too; with such disproportionate throughput, we can’t draw many conclusions here. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.


Read performance SPD settings of high-end modules and set as default, giving maximum performance. Archived from the original on Because they link mainboard with amd gpu, so if you have an nvidiachipset driver pack will get you an error. Some of the members of the AMD chipset series, specifically the and amr of chipsets and the GX chipset, have integrated graphics onboard IGPas well as supporting hardware video playback acceleration at different levels.

AMD’s G chipset – The Tech Report – Page 12

Three amdd were reportedly be available for HyperFlash modules, with capacity of MiB, 1 GiB and 2 GiB respectively, with expected DVT samples in November and mass-production expected in December supported by Beta motherboard drivers and official motherboard driver support planned in February s700 I can’t find them The sata drivers are only on the Raid set which is Mb https: Archived October 14,at the Wayback Machine.

I spoke to an MVP about the fact of date of the windows driver show and he basically says that this is intentional because it will not overwrite the driver of the AMD or Intel package in every Windows build update since Windows automatically updates drivers to a newer branch Radeon R and Radeon R based video cards.

The only thing I read that differed from the previous version was this set included support for Threadripper. Test results according to AMD.


It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Enabling Higher Phenom Overclocks?

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Retrieved March 6, Another feature is AMD OverDrive, an application designed to boost system performance through a list of items in real-time, without a system reboot, as listed below:. Features provided by the southbridge are listed as follows:. Customize The Tech Report Retrieved August 1, I’m at a loss to explain this one, folks.

The application will support all members of the AMD chipset series, including the series chipsets which are aimed at value markets, and AMD processors including Phenom and Athlon 64 family of processors, but due to architectural limitations, independent clock frequency settings for different processor cores a feature implemented in the K10 microarchitecture will not function on Athlon 64 family of processors except for Athlon X2 series which is based on K Retrieved January 17, If you install this package, the system will receive related information ksb the chipset.

So SB8XX would be the ones to use.

Version is the same. Retrieved August 13, Go to device manager and manually install the drivers pointing to the extracted folder.