Posted Mar 1, 8: Nope, not relevant to the currently discussed topic of ARM graphics drivers, where proprietary blobs have thus far been the norm. Retrieved from ” https: I think it should be possible to deal with those issues from the ARM side with the current blob, given that the ARM has access to every hardware register, though it might be a bit hacky and fragile without some extra cooperation from the firmware but it shouldn’t be hard to get that cooperation. None of these files refer to a public license, but seven of them contain the following ominous confidentiality notice:. Broadcom — a long-time leader in graphics processors — is a frontrunner in this movement and aims to contribute to its momentum. No offence to the Broadcom.

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Same with this site. The 3D engine is composed out of various subsystems, the most abundant being the QPUs.

Low-power laptops use low-power processors and graphics chips, and therefore often struggle to play video at full frame rates. Others have mentioned the more capable Allwinner based Olimex devices. In some cases only decompression, only compression or both up to a certain resolution e.

All of this without an architectural simulator or a proper toolchain. The blob that is the firmware that is broadcok by the gpu to initialize the device on power up was programmed some how by Broadcom. Nope, not relevant to the currently discussed topic of ARM graphics drivers, where proprietary blobs have thus far been the norm.


Raspberry Pi VideoCore APIs

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The code in question runs on a cluster of about 15 or so ARM-based industrial computers and a couple of xbased servers that poll thermal and electrical meters at the residential site of Barangaroo in Sydney: Ppen some point, developers and manufacturers need to be paid for their work or innovation comes to a crashing halt.

Which can in turn become a massive graphics farm! The answer to full open sourcing is that it extends the lifetime of the thing as you can forever update the drivers to fit with the current kernel version. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

They only want to reveal the broadcpm details to someone who they will be selling a bunch of chips to, therefore defraying the cost of support.

Blox SARA U but the only boards that feature them are massive development boards, that are expensive as well. Programming – programming languages that might be used on the Raspberry Pi.

Open source under the Apache 2. The bit about the kernel is also a nice point. But with the code and documentation released now, you don’t need to use the OpenGL service provided by start.

Raspberry Pi VideoCore APIs –

Whomever chose these colors is a good designer. If they were to open up the platform I know several places that would love to use it when teaching kids about hardware and software development.


Retrieved from ” https: This sample decodes H. Screens – Cases – Other Peripherals Opeh, mouse, hub, wifi Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Specialised co-processors skurce be optimised for throughput over latency more cores and data parallelism, but at a lower clock speedand have instruction-sets and memory architectures designed for media processing e. Revealing the hardware structure would present a support burden to these companies.

Except that Broadcom released “full documentation for the VideoCore IV graphics | Hacker News

Why would you want to dig into the very lowest level code for these peripherals? So by my inexpert assessment, this appears to be everything needed to boot a VideoCore SoC!

Per the just-released documentation, the architecture is based on a QPU a 4-way SIMD processor that does one multiply and one non-multiply instruction per cycleat MHz. Views Read View source View history. That would be too bad for students and hobbyist s.

Apparently many Radeon boards are in short supply. Post Snowden things were bad enough, but mass surveillance has only gotten worse since, not better. The previous paragraph, we have to admit, is almost true. How you can be a user on this site and say something so short-sighted and so full of solipsism is beyond me.