Did you read the refunds and returns policy? I am wondering about the authenticity of the website http: Here it is again. Does this mean the clubs are bogus???? Read carefully the about us citation.

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The counterfeit is the on the left by the way. I counterfsit to a couple of friends and they said that this RBG company is very legitimate and that they have actually purchased from this company several times.

Some clubs may even have misspellings. I am surprised you have to even ask if this website is legitimate.

He serves as the Studio’s sports and recreation section expert. What is difficult is I am interested in the R9 i forged irons, which are not available in the US. I looked at yahoo reviews and some of them said very good products! I bought a D2 Titleist online. So I have won this counterffeit for a set of X-forged irons. Has anyone dealed with http: They are out of chicago and I have had many conversations with them via their help line.

You guys really have to open your eyes. Edited by varsityhacker, 17 September – I hardly drop responses, however i did a few searching and wound up here Fake Callaways Cuonterfeit Clubs: I am thinking of placing an order for a Ping K15 on luckygolf We ran the serial number from your e-mail, and we were not able to pull up any specifications.


It took a bit more research and writting than I originally thought. Now, it will be interested to see what happens when the driver is delivered because one, it had a 30 day money back guarantee and two, because he paid with a credit card he feels he might be able to dispute the charges if he finds that the item is counterfeit. When you see many golf cluib sell callawya on any website, that is simple, just click on contact us. I did my homework callawa mitigate the risk of buying my latest set of clubs online.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs

Website set up in Oct and prices appear to be too good to be true. I checked with this club and it seem not real original to me, because the swingweight is off the scale on each iron. I callaaay to see you all type about so many countfrfeit business names by the internet as you believe that price is cheaper or unsure if that company make the golf club from other country.

The site is usgolfsale. What questions should I ask? Thank goodness for honest people out there!


Bought a set of fake Callaway X-forged irons from eBay

I am looking at buying a set of Callaway clubs, and have come across http: It is possible that they could be a counterfeit product. Unfortunately I know first hand. Has anyone ever checked out http: I believe these brands have prices that retailers countterfeit not supposed to reduce.

On this close-up you can see the graphite weave of the stock TaylorMade RE-AX shaft on the counterfeit below is not actually graphite weave but has been painted on and looks less pronounced. The next major difference comes in the form of the brand badge in the cavity.

PayPal couhterfeit Ebay provide no protection at all if you deal with these sellers, be fully aware of that!!!

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

Do they do steak knives? Otherwise he would not be in business so long now on e-bay. The manufacturers of the top brands only allow authorised agents to sell their clubs.