Suppose an ignorant user set his Deschutes CPU voltage to 2. In the new revision, you can see that the two jumpers are removed and there’s an additional pin connector for what was later revealed to me as an option for the addition of a modem card. Thus, it doesn’t really matter how smart you are, or whether you possess a PhD, one would not succeed if one does not listen to people’s comments humbly. So, I took out my digital multimeter and put the board to a probing test. Still, I’d prefer a removable probe like the one in MS Well, the area near the 2nd PCI slot is rather plain and empty as we can see here.

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In this board, I was determined to find out if the problem was fixed.

As for the built-in sound, although the chipset has been upgraded to a newer version, evs quality of the sound was still the same. Here, they have lengthened the probe so that it stretches out closer to either the Slot-1 or Socket CPUs.

The board is still not the perfect board even after the numerous changes. The output level is rather useless unless you own a DAT player which you have modified its input connector to fit your motherboard.

In addition, the mainboard supports a 66 MHz memory bus, or a MHz memory bus, so you can use inexpensive 66MHz memory chips, or higher-performance PC memory chips. However, I believe that it is as good as it can get, and is definitely good value for money considering the built-in 3D sound with good future upgradability. As I’ve mentioned in the Rev. The setup was simple and straightforward, just like any other modem. The flaw is obvious in the previous design.

New Drivers  ALI EHCI USB 2.0 1.59 DRIVER

This is good for those who hate jumpers. This board allows complete flexibility. The voltage read-out from the hardware monitoring chip was found to be fixed.

Anyway, I just thought you’d like to know. The space where the Slot one cartridge goes is the same, wheras the space for the PPGA is where the chipset the one with the heatsink used to be located.

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I can’t give you any numbers as time does not permit me to perform any benchmarks. Though Intel has essentially replaced the BX now with the newer i eccs, and has also introduced the i supporting the new RD Ram.

Thus one is fair in asking why people are still interested in buying Motherboards based on the BX chipset. Comparing the benchmark score of the two motherboards, it is not surprising to find the performance to be similar.

As you can see from the table above, user’s of the older board has nothing to worry about. The card is aligned near the PCI slot, so that it behaves like a PCI card, and the bracket could be screwed onto the casing. From the dual CPU capability to the build-in audio, p6bxr-a mainboard is ideal for many users who are looking for something which will last longer than the average system nowadays. However, I did managed to run some tests on the Socket, and there’s nothing much I can say except that it performed as well ec its previous revision.

New Drivers  MIDEX 8 DRIVER

Although lacking FSBs, the board does allow voltage tweaking to make overclocking a breeze. Anyway, its an almost useless feature. Good for most users with little demands.

So, what is new?? One should be cautious of this since the air temperature is always lower than the actual temperature of the heatsink.

I really doubt the final accuracy of the temperature reading as it is only measuring the temperature of the heated air blown to it from the heatsink.

ECS P6BXT-A+ Motherboard

It was only about 2 months since I reviewed their Rev. Still, any unsuspecting user would have freaked out at the extremely high voltage read-out.

Well, as you can see here, the revision number is kept in clear view between the third and fourth PCI slot. The jumper for disabling sound was removed and the option is now available in the BIOS. What’s interesting is the stability of the motherboard performance. Well, you have to take a really close look. Though essentially not intended to Run at MHz the BX has proved that it can run at MHz bus speed and yield excellent stability as well as performance at l6bxt-a speed.