Latest Guru3D Forum threads. Chelsia on January 18, I hope someone can shed some guiding light on my problem. After I posted the first message up there, I tried using the DT driver unloader downloaded from here, and got the same results. Why should I pay for using something I’ve already bought?!? My onboard graphics drivers were disabled when I installed the Nvidia FX

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NVIDIA GeForce FX Video Card Driver Download

It is not that I want to use Windows 98 as my main OS, it is just that for the particular purpose of playing this game, it has been the best for me rx I want to use it on my notebook. Everquest 2 launches to a black screen when antialiasing is set to 2xQ at x resolution.

Posted December 20, Shadows fail to render in Splinter Cell 1. On-board audio is disabled in BIOS and there’s no on-board video.


All these stupid free sites assume that you have internet. Your name or email address: I shall be very thank full to you sir Anuz Khadka on April 13, This site hosts no abandonware. Add in my favoritos. Old games based on Quake2-modded engine, like Half-Life: If you are trying to use XP drivers on that your wasting your time, win988 need the 98 drivers and support for 98 isn’t so hot 500 anything anymore.

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Then follow the instructions below corresponding to the file type fc you downloaded. LianTagataro on December 20, Lee on December 17, The display remains inactive when resuming from Suspend mode. Thanks for the advice.

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Rendering problems occur in Need for Speed: HemOo on May 27, Danny on January 21, 52000 on January 4, NV GeForce Vista 7.


Eventually, the desktop appears.

Windows 95/98/Me Driver Archive

Usability enhancements when connecting to an HDTV. Your name or email address: Log in or Sign up.

Support Discussion English Search In. If you need them again you 55200 download newer versions from SIS website. At least I find the relative performance between cards much more interesting than absolute performance. Andres on April 19,