These flasher are rated Vac input with the through load rating of Vac and maximum load ratings 20 A at a switching rate of cycles per minute for models C3 and C4, The following are among the items to be considered in the end-use application. Use to fill gaps and bond irregular surfaces. This adapter is intended to complete the enclosure housing of insulated live parts only. This LED driver has been evaluated using resistive load resulting in the electrical input and output noted on page 1. Primarily used for high end in store signage and tradeshow where the client demands both sides have brilliant color which look exactly the same. The suitability of electrical enclosure shall comply with enclosure requirements of end product Standard.

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Used with 3M IJ luster Cotroltac film for the ultimate in conformability and lift resistance in extreme wrap applications. The output of these power supplies has been evaluated to Class 2 output requirements for dc circuits. Suitability of the cord length shall be determined in the end use application.

These products are required to be enclosed or protected from weather. Does not contain ozone-depleting CFCs.

Sign Component Manual –

These are open-type devices partially enclosed with metal mounting tabs. Four heat settings allow precise gecls5 control for even heating of the tube. Drawings should be referred to as well as. The adhesive dynamic bond strength specified in the Tables includes a safety factor of four.

New Drivers  XH5121 DRIVER

PE barrier coating on the base paper eliminates wet cockling. Combining its high purity, exceptional clarity and consistent quality, LEXAN OQ resins are widely used to meet the highest standards in the CDs, DVDs and optical media that are revolutionizing the way we see and hear today s music, video and information.

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Natural flexibility properties and impact resistance make it ideal for use on all substrates where shallow blasting is required. Dye and pigment ink compatible waterfast with pigmentRoll-a-Sorb s flexibility makes it the perfect choice for roll-up banner stands.

These LED drivers shall be enclosed within a suitable end product enclosure. Flexible sign face systems, Model designated Reflections XL, may be provided with additional suffixes. These products described in this section have a minimum length of 1. After installation, the Water Exclusion Test should be considered on the overall end-product to verify water does not enter the overall sign behind the flanges, especially if no gasketing or other equivalent means is provided between the flanges and the end-product enclosure.

The ground connection is not suitable as the equipment ground for a sign. Two-in-One coating formulated to give superior results with both dye- and pigmented UV inkjet inks.

Select the credentials you want to use to logon to this SharePoint site:. Structural panels are not suitable to be used as the enclosure of bare live parts or wiring. Grounding of frame to supply ground is required. All surfaces shall be clean and dry. These products are intended for use in a dry or damp locations only. These EL Panels are suitable only for use in portable sign products since the enclosure material is rated V2.


Non flammable and does not contain any ozone depleting materials. These products have not been evaluated for use when connected to a power source that does not comply with Class 2 voltage and energy limits and which is rated greater than 12 V. It is a lightweight, rigid thermoplastic material that has many times the breakage resistance of standard window pane glass.

When not marked for indoor use only the power supply primary bracket shall be provided with min. These Class 2 LED modules are rated as noted in the model list table. The suitability of the enclosure as ultimate enclosure shall be determined in the end-use application.

The suitability of the components to serve as wireways and electrical enclosures shall be determined in the end use.

These LED drivers have been evaluated using a resistive load resulting in the electrical rating below. We will make it easier to attain the products you need in a timely fashion; also, you will be able to use tools to help with your estimation and record keeping.

It has a cardboardlike touch and the printouts are characterized by high color brilliance, high image definition and long durability.