Gene Link customers are universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals involved in research. These customers are located worldwide. Flow Cytometry Breaks with Tradition. Gene Link offers synthesis of various forms of molecular primers and probes. Gene Link can provide custom synthetic oligo templates for all your genotyping and template requirements.

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Apr 19, Version 1. Triple Repeat Gene Detection Systems: Enter DNA sequence to see coding pattern. Take a look at the simple agarose and polyacrylamide gel based systems, the chemiluminescent Southern blot detection methods and the fluorescent systems for genotyping of triple repeat disorders.

These techniques are routinely used in a molecular genetics laboratory for all type of research involving DNA. Select codon sequence and see the corresponding amino acid and detailed information. We routinely provide expert technical assistance in the design of templates and ultra modified fluorescent probes with enhanced duplex stability and nuclease resistance. Our dedicated and expertly trained customer service and technical support teams are motivated to serve our customers in any way possible.


Ordering Gene Link Products

Gene Link specializes in long oligo synthesis up to mer in genflink. Gene Link can provide custom synthetic oligo templates for all your genotyping and template requirements. This business philosophy is particularly important for businesses that are constantly competing with multinational conglomerates.

Top 10 European Biopharma Clusters. Longer templates can be constructed by ligation. Routinely assisting our customers both in designing their experiments and with other technical inquiries, we stay committed and connected to those who have entrusted us with supplying the tools they need in furthering their research.

A robust oligo melting temperature calculation module using three methods; it also calculates other physical attributes.

Gene Link oligos are for demanding applications and consistent results. Gene Link offers synthesis of various forms of molecular primers and probes.

Unraveling the Secrets inside Single Cells. By continuing to use our site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies as set in our privacy policy.

Gene Link Customer Contact

This section includes the following sections and sub sections. Gene Link specializes in long oligos. Gene Link Oligo Synthesis Division is not an “oligo factory”. Search Oligo Modifications Catalog Keyword.


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Developer Website App Support. Information Seller Ivan Antonov. Precision Biomarkers and Medicines Go Global. We believe that investigators who value time and have no room for an experiment to fail due to oligo quality should consider Gene Link. Molecular structure and detailed physical properties of all amino acids.

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These include the omni series of reagents that include a variety of DNA and RNA purification genelini concentration systems. For nearly two decades Gene Link has been providing researchers with the finest genetic research tools. We use cookies to give you a better experience on genengnews. Simply enter the accession number and retrieve detailed gene information from NCBI database, 6.

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