Check this box to enable scrollable cursors for this data source. Technical Support Technical Support phone, fax, and webite information by manufacturer. Click OK to close this window. For example, a connection string will override the corresponding connection attributes specified in the ODBC data source. In the ini file just have a folder or path name for that user. When using the datawindow retrieve method, I get an intermittent error loading a semicolon-delimited text file into my SQL Anywhere db. Web resources about – using the intersolv odbc text driver – sybase.

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Of course, returning 2 in the retrievestart event.

How to Install DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers for Windows

When the Query Wizard window appears, you are connected to the Quantum database. But every time I want to add Medium size paragraph or larger it wont save the data as is. The name of the database to which you want to connect by default. Deployment Inrersolv System Requirements.

Jim O’Neill, any suggestions? If the value is 1the driver will attempt to change the password on the intfrsolv before logging on.


The code is included below: Copy the files into the corresponding directory as the registry file says.

SolidFire – Board Dave Wright: If localized texxt messages are not available for your locale, they will contain message numbers instead of text.

Would someone please help. Do you mean modify the name of the file in Qetxt. No matter what file name that is it will read that file.

Technical Support Technical Support phone, fax, and webite information by manufacturer. Text as text Name: Also the ‘end’ link always points to row -2 and does not go to the last record.

ADO Connection Strings Examples

If this password change operation fails, the driver will perform one of intersllv following actions: Go to the Data drop down menu and select Get External Data. Database or Object is read-only.

Please refer to Excel documentation for more information.

Limit of text in a text column? And It wouldn’t work by saying that: Specify 1 to enable scrollable cursors. In addition, you can provide only one user name and password pair through intereolv connection string or the ODBC data source, although the SequeLink data source may require more than one pair one for the host and another for the service.


I am using Powerbuilder 6. For SequeLink, the following window appears:.


Using Retrieve to access this field, truncates it at approx bytes. Art Marks, Arthur J. Has anyone had any problems using the Intersolve ODBC text driver the latest couple of versions – I’ve installed the latest in an effort to get through the problem SolidFire – Board Dave Wright: DLL, with license file ivpb. If you are configuring an existing data source, select the data source name and click the Configure button.

Specify 1 to return warnings. I will copy the file into the proper location, retrieve the data, and then repeat for each file.