You could be on a 5 hour convoy,our you could be on a 17 hour strait convoy. Phones are everywhere as well, KBR will provide land lines routed through Houston, therfore when using a KBR phone it’s like your calling from Houston and not Afghanistan. Would have never said that 6 months ago. The living conditions were excellent for living in a war zone. The long hours with no days off for about 3 months was very tough to get used too.

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Be in a bunker and they would be crying cause it was and they were getting fired at. Questions about KBR How long does it take to get hired from start to finish?

That will help a lot cause he packed for Iraq. I told him I just got home from doin that and you will get into situations that might make a 10 year veteran driver cry. You dont run logs there. I was qualified the first time, zfghanistan now I guess I am no longer qualified?? Dec 2, 9.

KBR in Afghanistan (1st timer)

Best company in Iraq to work for. I just googled Kabul Nato baseand got another story. I have been to every part of Iraq hauling any thing and every thing you can on a truck. Afhhanistan pays once a month by direct deposit only.

New Drivers  MGA G200A 02 DRIVER

Others got burnt,shot or lost a jkbs or 2. Out in weather all day. On 10 occasions I have seen innocent drivers lives change in a heartbeat. I just want to let drivers know that you life isnt worth it. What are the living conditions over there?

He now looks forward to going twice a month to Tikrit. Then they decided we were mortar range for a couple of weeks.

Careers at KBR

I have heard the conditions in Afganistan are afghanishan cold winters and even less then Iraq. Monitors and maintains aviation, diesel, and mogas fuels in the tanks. Perform end of day security checks of offices, closed areas, classified storage containers and computers. Why do I want to look into this?

Working as a Truck Driver at KBR: 54 Reviews |

So I sit and search and apply on avergae about 12 hours a week to get my ticket back to the Sandbox. I am not against the war,I would go back in a heartbeat. When he was working for KBR he came home every days.

I guess we just like the job and knowing we are doing our part to help the guys and gals in uniform make you all a little safer every day so you can still be free to complain about how bad you have it.


I served in the first gulf war and swore i would never go back. Debbie Creery in Gatesville, Texas said: Your username or email address: Worked with people from many countries, all trying to make as much money as they could. So they dont have to do it.

KBR in Afghanistan (1st timer) – KBR Jobs |

I am a former employee who completed their contractcame home, and now I am looking to return. Camp Manager ,truck driver, const. Sorry for any repeats.

Later I worked on a base in Southern Iraq as a water truck driver servicing billeting areas and dining facilities. He said he will send me his address soon, wants to make sure of where he will be staying before I send him something.