In support of this market, we found the Dimage software did a particularly good job of providing the power demanded by pros, while remaining very approachable for the amateur. These are used to set the brightness values the scanner will consider to be the minimum black , maximum white , and a middle value gray , for each of the color channels. With natural subjects, the scanner’s fluorescent light source produced a somewhat softer, less grainy look than some other units we’ve tested, although there seemed to be no loss of detail information in the scans associated with this softer “look”. In the first sample, we have a rather low-contrast, dark image. They said LaserSoft had been trying to get the necessary technical information from Sony so that they could implement iSRD using the KM IR channel and also provide SF for those scanners with new operating systems without reverse engineering. Again, it wasn’t too difficult to compensate for this tendency, and the ability to save and recall sets of tone and color corrections was a valuable feature.

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Perhaps we should add a comment to the file indicating the origin and where minola can search for future updates? Recently though, they’ve been making significant waves in the digital camera and scanner markets, with their highly capable and expandable!

By comparison, scans of color negatives were a bit light, but a minor drop of the midtone point tended to quickly compensate. This isn’t any sort of a problem, but 28800 different than how we expected the saved settings to work. What if you want to make an overall adjustment to the image as a whole, though?

See all 2 new other listings. Trending Price New. The upside of fixed-focus designs of course, is that you don’t have to worry about focusing, either in the form of twiddling a thumbwheel, or by waiting while the scanner adjusts its focus for every scan. The edges of each slot set absolute limits for the horizontal position of the slide mount, but there’s a bit more play about a full millimeter side-to-side with slides than is present in the filmstrip adapter.


Image Adjustment Controls Buttons in this group take you to other screens, to adjust the scan settings. We’re surprised, but the fixed-focus approach nonetheless seems to work quite well, as evidenced by the performance of the Dimage Scan Speed.

MINOLTA QuickScan 35 QS Minolta film scanner : Real Yahoo auction salling

What object in the image do you suppose this large group of pixel values corresponds to? Do this without connecting your scanner.

The film adapter is hinged, but only to the extent that a plate flips up to expose the recess into which the film is laid. Even better, when it does come time to manipulate color and tone, the software controls provide a full range of capabilities, satisfying users ranging from rank amateur to experienced color professional.

MINOLTA QuickScan 35 QS-2800 Minolta film scanner

We found that the Dimage Scan Speed produced very good scans with the default settings, and excellent ones with only minor tweaking of the scan controls.

The histogram screen includes “before” and “after” previews, and a number of controls for adjusting the image. This Konica camera flash gives you the ability to cover a wider image area for better results. Great for beginner strobist work. We applaud Minolta’s inclusion of this program with the Dimage Scan Speed though: Bit hardcore, but my old scanner worked that way. The Basics The Dimage Scan Speed is a desktop device about the size of a hefty novel standing on edge.


Flame off for now, but ws kudos to Minolta for taking the cost hit and including Photoshop LE with the scanner. They’re simple to master, but quite powerful to use. Skip to main content.

Since this slide and film scanner has a wonderful functionality, you will be able to fulfill your 35mm film digitizing tasks all the time. See details for description of any imperfections. In our testing, the Dimage Scan Speed produced sharp images every time, the sole exclusion being one orientation of our unusual “USAF ” resolution target, which is a glass slide with the pattern deposited on one side of it.

Mind, that there were actually some genuinely Konica scanners, which have been also available under the Sony label, long before the Konica Minolta merger: Yet, even the rankest amateur can generally tell whether picture “A” minota better than picture “B”. A good thing is that it takes AA batteries found anywhere.

MINOLTA / Quick Scan 35 / QS / Minolta scanner-(1a: Real Yahoo auction salling

While trimmed-down somewhat from the capabilities of the full version, Photoshop LE is a dramatic step up from the “dumbed-down” interface and capabilities of Adobe’s PhotoDeluxe, a much more common software bundle component these days.

I love them because of the low profile Note that the slight cropping the scanner did to the 35mm frame wouldn’t be nearly enough to produce the increase in apparent resolution we observed. Can you guess how the color balance needs to be adjusted to achieve this?