Any help would be appreciated. I have been watching the prices so I can upgrade mine. I also have a printer with the ”Call Service E31” error. Not sure how the compares I’ve tried to over come the problem by cleaning the roller and also the bottom block which sits beneath the roller. But, I’m thinking that after 4 years in school to be an electrical engineer, why not build one?

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Remove the card and try it. Nothing do do with replacing the toner cartridge.

Secondly I would check you have the correct printer driver installed. The printer is old and I can’t put my hands on th documentation. Panasonic KX-P problems Reply 13 — Drums don’t usually get scratched, the wiper blade that cleans them goes bad.

I have a Panasonic KX-P and purchased a new computer. One is the toner cartridge, the other is the drum. Only way to really tell is to put a meter across the lamp.


Panasonic KX-P4410

It’s not a black line – just the opposite – a faint line Panasonic KX-P problems Reply 15 — Did you read the whole thread? Any idea on how to fix that?

I have done the memory upgrade, replaced the drum, and had it repaired a couple of times. Thanks again and sorry again. They probably don’t even realize they ever MADE a laser printer Could be something off the wall like a formatter board generating the line.

Panasonic KX-P | FixYourOwnPrinter

I will do the same. D Ruth Logged Guest Re: Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. David, did you bother reading this thread before you tacked your post onto it?

Panasonic KX-P problems Reply 19 — I bought it new in 95′ and used it for a small business, printing short inventory lists and sketches so it hasn’t had a gazillion pages run through it. Is this a replacable part? It’s not considered a consumable item. I looked on the Panasonic site with no luck.

New Drivers  F5D5231 4 DRIVER

Panasonic KX-P Driver – Systems – Tom’s Hardware

So, I guess you didn’t read the post right under this one, just like the guy who posted below it who didn’t read the part about “no international orders”. Moe, do know of good place to purchase p4140 lamp? Ray – many thanks!

Please let me know where can I get a heat lamp for Error message This printer does not have a USB port. Had to scrub pretty hard to get the gloss off.

Panasonic KX-P4410

Saw the exact same thing once in an office with that had 2 identical HP3s. It may print five or six sheets before it Jams again. The printer worked fine parallel.