For our tests, we set the region code to 2 Europe. Constant increases in the capacity of the offered models, combined with higher transfer rates and enhanced reliability, are probably those factors that mainly characterize the progress of technology in the storage area. Below are illustrated all the available writing speeds for DVD and the various supported media types: There’s a good reason for that aswell. Thus, if the drive is burning and starts to produce errors, the drive and laser strength decreases the burn speed mid-way. And no firmware upgrade or any firmware on their page what so ever.

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Plextor Europe has an excellent pplextor with plenty of pictures on the technology here. Removing the screws and opening the drive’s cover voids the drive’s warranty.

And no firmware upgrade or any firmware on their page what so ever. Most of the Plextor users already know the VariRec feature, which can be applied during the creation of audio CD-R discs.

The stereo mini jack for headphones or powered speakers allows you to listen audioCDs. Anyone who has ever owned any plextor knows this.


Low quality media are often the source of disc errors during high speed recording. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Apart from the issue of one DVD recording format dominating over another, the highest currently offered recording speed is definitely of a primary interest to most end users.

For example, I burned a mp3 cd with my 24x plexwriter, and then the dvd-reader couln’t read the cd fully. Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones.

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You can click on the mainboard picture for a higher resolution image: Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. Protected Disc Tests 7. CD Reading Tests 3.

Sure you can use your burner as reader aswell The identity of the drive is denoted with the “PXA” logo at the right side of the loading tray. Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. More information about text formats.

Quality components are heavier. For our tests, we set the region code to 2 Europe.

PoweRec – Plextor A: First exclusive look at 8X DVD+R

Let’s take a look at the drive. Below you can see all the available CD reading speeds, according to the data type of a disc. I don’t wanna wear olextor my laser for reads. Red laser DVD recording has already gone mainstream and will probably stay on the scene for at least a couple of years more.


The user can select some settings during recording preparation in order to obtain a more personalized sound tone. Nero and other programs support this feature as well. Disc-at-once, Incremental recording, Multi-border recording, Restricted poextor.

CAV is done similarly but olextor of zones, the drive readjusts the laser and speed every minute. And I don’t blame them at all.

Plextor PX-708A

There’s a good plexhor for that aswell. That’s where the quality comes from. The head and those moving parts, aswell as other parts I’m sure, are heavier then the other manufacturers drives. However, optimistic announcements for fast optical storage solutions based on high frequency laser technologies i. CD-R Recording Tests 9.