Systems Integrators You can buy direct from Windmill Software , or use one of our local agents. Interfacing a Sartorius balance Settings for using Windmill with a Sartorius balance. Best freebie I’ve ever seen! Now featuring a monthly special offer. Alarm Logger detects alarms on analogue channels and Alerts you visually, audibly and by telephone Lets you acknowledge the alarm Gives tips on dealing with the alarm Saves a record of alarm events in a file This is an add on to the core Windmill software. Log data for a fixed duration, for example during an alarm condition and for ten minutes afterwards. You can control both those serial devices that continuously output messages, and those that require commands before supplying data.

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Removing Interference from your Signal Many analogue signals – temperature, pressure, strain, and so on – can benefit from some type of conditioning to improve the sovtware of measurement. RS Handshaking Hardware and software handshaking explained.

It can also raise alarms and control digital outputs. Windmill Help Files and Manuals You can download the latest on-line Help files for our software – get an in-depth explanation of how to use each program. You can make virtual instruments or process mimics quickly and easily.

Windmill Graphics Adta, yet easy to use, virtual instrument and process mimic generator.

Link Your Serial Laboratory Instrument to a PC-Based System over RS-232, RS-485 or Modbus

Data logger monitors 16 thermocouples or voltage signals, provides digital input and outputand frequncy and event counting. Automatic Passenger Counting How to automatically count passengers on buses, trains and light rail networks.


Includes Windmill data acquisition software for logging, charting, output control and direct data transfer to Excel. With the addition of suitable Microlink 59x conditioning units, you can also monitor thermocouples, strain gauges, pressure transducers and current.

Monitor 16 strain gaugesbalanced bridges like pressure transducers or voltage signals.

Charting Data with Windmill. One acquistion Windmill’s core modules. It can also raise alarms and control digital outputs. You have the freedom to mix and match equipment from many different manufacturers in many combinations.

Subscribe to Monitor for more articles and tutorials Email: Excel Charting Tips Notes on choosing the best type of Excel chart to display your data. Create your own display and control windows with Windmill Graphics. Log data for a fixed duration, for example during an alarm condition and for ten minutes afterwards. Send commands and data to other Windows programs, or directly to the eoftware inputs and outputs.

Data Acquisition and Control – Articles, Software, Applications and Technical Support

softaare Understanding RS and RS Find out the benefits of RS and RS, differences between them, wiring options, how to prevent voltage reflection and how to avoid serial errors. ComDebug also lets you see and set the state of the input and output lines to the computer’s COM port. Temperature Monitoring of Hospital Freezers A London hospital is using a Windmill TC system to monitor the conditions sortware their sreial temperature windjill nitrogen freezers.

New Drivers  MT1887 DRIVER

Windmill Software Data acquisition and control. The window continuously reflects the state of the system in the real world. Debugging Noisy Measurement Hardware: Expand to measure temperature, pressure, flow, level etc. Data Logging Tips Logging data to a series of files, automatically overwriting old data, Logging Only New Data Notes on using the Windmill Logger program to record only new data, for example when data is sent when you press a button on an instrument.

It can send bit 2s complement integers, unsigned integers, single bits of data, floating point etc. Windmill Test Sequence Price: Once you’ve created a window you can protect it from further editing. Human Sensing Solving the five main challenges of human sensing with computer vision. Backing up Windmill Which files to save to back up Windmill.

How to transfer data between applications using DDE. Create hmi windows with Windmill Graphics.