I got myself a Mecer 32″ LCD directly from the Mecer themselves, they had a special, and considering what I got on the deal, in retrospect, I think it was worth it. I just tried the huffyuv codec to record and it is nice because it is less cpu intensive so I can do stuff without worrying about dropping frames, not to mention the benefits of VBR. Get this, I have to BUY an additional encoder for the media centre!!! I came to the conclusion that the Windows drivers were poorly written. In general, TV quality of these cards is ok. Now, anyone know why all I get from the FM portion of the card is static?

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I have used the card to do the following: To remind you all that I asked Leadtek for help and they recommended a Software Codec Thanks for that info! If you haven’t already done so I would suggest going to the Leadtek site and get the latest PVR and drivers. This PCI card has ambitions to replace your VCR, with video recording straight to DVD, timeshifting and an assortment of other goodies made for a computerized home theater setup.

The line-in is removed, and it’s possible to get the audio signal only through sound card’s AUX-in. Khambatt, you said, ” I have either a P4 1. Hope that helps anyone else out having this sound issue.

Vista MCE and Winfast TV XP Expert | MyBroadband

I am prepared to purchase the card, and start to learn how to capture using the appropriate software ie, Virtualdub if necessary, or something else. I also get vertical noise, but I think it’s noise from my ancient building’s crappy wiring.


Well, never too much of a good thing. I used old drivers and new drivers.

Leadtek Winfast tv 2000 XP expert and win 7 64

Okay, here it is It could be that it finds it because it’s there, and you might be able to blend it out by reducing the saturation level on the tv22000 of the card. Please keep in mind I am not a professional. I would believe that the more information you save capture to the hard drive the better for quality.

I came to the conclusion that the Windows drivers were poorly written. There are several choices of Capture Format Profile and then there are within each of these, serveral choices of Codec versions.

So overall i am not impressed with this card compared to my hauppage WinTV Radio bt card. Are there any other options for scheduled capturing? BTW I bought and downloaded the Nero 6 Ultra that has the NeroVision Express2 with it and it does a decent enough job of creating chapter, titles, etc. While the manual does cover the basic functions of the program and the remote, it offers no insight into several areas which will be important to users of the TVXP Expert.

Vista MCE and Winfast TV2000 XP Expert

Several more, but you get the idea. Joined Jun 1, Messages 9, Yep That is why Windows MCE is still a geek thing and will not become mainstream until someone really does their homework with the finer details. I have a Hauppauge card with a CX, so probably different tuner. Winfqst kind of Video card you have, how much memmory on the card, available RAM, Hard drive space, and so on. BioShock Infinite and Metro: So far I’m very disapointed in the card. While it does provide a hardware and software installation walkthrough, the booklet covers several different Leadtek TV tuner models, so it’s epert difficult to locate the correct diagram.


Someone else may have experienced this so I will tell you what I found and what I did. Besides, in the full-screen mode you can notice that the image is grainy Philips has no signs of it. Let’s see if the expectations come true.

WinFast TV XP Expert (FMMK3) – Software Patch

My FM is working now. Either way, you need t2v000 remember that when you load and run the WinFast PVR software that there are provisions for setting how your address your audio input.

I share your frustration, I did the same thing with two cards and was pulling my hair out.