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Governor whitmer press conference|May 21, Governor Whitmer Press Conference - YouTube

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UPDATE: Gov. Whitmer signs order reopening restaurants ...

1008 reviews...

Michigan governor announcement today - 2020-02-15,Kentucky

Jeff Donofrio: (23:53) This would lead to another round of shutdowns and certainly further economic pain.You know, a couple years ago the people in Michigan asked for legislative action on earn paid sick time and family leave.We’ve been able to provide products and transportation for healthcare and emergency workers.

So we can safely get back to some normalcy.But when they are able to open, owner Summer Schriner says, you have to make an appointment, if you want to go shopping.I was surprised, the announcement is a little soon for us.

Frankly, those six weeks should have never been cut in the first place and they were done in the previous administration, and I thought then it was wrong.On Thursday, Whitmer signed a number of executive orders that will phase more sectors of Michigan’s economy.

Governor whitmer next press conference - 2020-05-17,Mississippi

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) gave an update on the state’s coronavirus deaths and positive cases.We’re actively looking at all of our deaths.Enter your email address to retrieve your username and/or reset your password.

On Thursday, Whitmer signed a number of executive orders that will phase more sectors of Michigan’s economy.And there may be other things to come and to be announced.Speaker 9: (44:14) Your Futures for Frontliners plan, where is this money going to be coming from? Is this part of the projected one to $3 billion shortfall that’s projected, especially with the unofficial budget deadline looming in a couple months?.

So as we are proceeding we’ve been having intensive conversations with our public health experts as well as our leadership in our various hospital systems.

governor whitmer next press conference

UPDATE: Gov. Whitmer urges Midland County residents to ...

Governor whitmer next press conference - 2020-02-14,Alabama

Whitmer, who declared a state of emergency for Midland County, said that downtown Midland could be under 9 feet of water by midday Wednesday as the water released from the dam failures reaches the city.We truly are.I want to thank people on the ground who have been helping one another.

Their home was in the flood zone.This is not a political negotiation.I am completely focused on saving lives.

Mukkamala: (14:48) Physicians, nurses, dentists, and others throughout our healthcare system have answered the call in helping the sickest of the sick.And thank you for inspiring me in these challenging days.We can keep moving forward, but to know when the next step forward is we’re going to continue to watch the data, monitor hospitalization rate, monitor our testing capacity and positive tests that are coming in and stay very close to our local public health departments so that we’ve got a real handle on what COVID-19 looks like as we determine next steps.

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Live michigan governor - 2020-03-16,Minnesota

Catherine Sias, who lives about 1 mile from the Edenville Dam, told the Associated Press she first left home early Tuesday morning.Since the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 50 years ago, hundreds of thousands of workers lives have been saved, but today, many working people remain in serious danger.This is a dam that we are in the midst of going through this investigation.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer: (29:55) Well, Lauren, I’ve been running, I ran on and I’ve been introducing solution after solution to try to fix infrastructure in Michigan.That’s how we best operate in these emergency operations that are mother nature initiated and confined to one region of our state.Governor, physicians and nurses have stood with you, and Michigan residents, fighting COVID-19.

whitmer press conference today

Whitmer in Midland: This is a '500-year event' - Midland ...

Michigan governor press conference today - 2020-02-21,Massachusetts

Your voice will not go unheard.”.If they’re represented by a union, they trust that their union will do everything it can do to protect them.At this time camping will not reopen, the governor said during her press conference.

Medical experts have made it clear that COVID-19 spreads when people are in close contact with one another, and without a vaccine, our best strategy in combating the virus is to practice social distancing.Governor Whitmer: (39:10) We don’t want a second spike.Whitmer, Mayors in Michigan support the well-being of all our citizens,” said Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers.

Whitmer’s 6 Phase Plan To Reopen Michigan.It’s the actions of the people.McLemore: (25:21) Kids that are stopping breathing because they got big tonsils.

Michigan press conference today - 2020-04-22,Utah

Businesses must protect their employees through carefully monitoring of symptoms, instituting an array of social distancing techniques, strengthening sanitation and hygiene, and providing recommended protective equipment, whether it’s masks or face shields or a combination thereof and additional measures.

Michigan press conference today - 2020-03-13,Arizona

And I want to thank our urban search and rescue teams.And another person said, “I have a place that I’m not using up north.Speaker 2: (17:09) In difficult times, normal activities of life are often viewed in a new light.

And that’s a good thing.Annette Glenn, R-Midland, and Roger Hauck, R-Union Township, expressed their thoughts on the magnitude of the flooding.Eastbound and westbound US-10 is between River Road and M-30 is closed due to water over the roadway, per the Michigan Department of Transportation Bay Region Twitter page.

Thank you very much.Heavy runoff pushed rivers higher.Our educators are working nonstop.

Michigan governor announcement today - 2020-04-10,Maine

He asked a few questions about if there had been casualties, asked about the extent of the damage-.Offer valid for new customers only.on Wednesday.

Speaker 6: (38:10) Right now we’re across the street the House and Senate are meeting potentially extending or denying the state of emergency.Replay: Gov Whitmer update on Michigan coronavirus response.

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