Trailing edge registration motor TERM.. In duplex mode, after copying on to the reverse face of the paper, the paper is reversed in the switchback section and conveyed to the duplex section. Reinstall the printing system into the shield cover, fastening it into place with 2 screws. Controls the electrical components. Paper jams when the copy paper is caught main switch is turned around the job separator eject switch. Attach the job separator tray to the rail of the job separator by sliding it from the front side. If none, s, 1 s after the drive motor has turned connector termi- remedy or replace the cable.

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Defective duplex paper Run maintenance item U and turn the duplex paper conveying switch. If none, The copysyar paper paper conveying motor con- replace them. While holding down the projection, slide the transfer roller assembly toward the front to remove it. U Setting the type of fixing unit Description Sets the type of fixing unit.


Seat the projection of the key counter cover retainer in the aperture in the middle right cover. When using an extension cable, always check that it is adequate for the rated current Copy tray Figure Remove the three screws holding the front left cover and then the cover.


Tap the top of the toner container five to six Toner container times. Specifications Specifications Type Before initializing or replacing the backup RAM, output a list of the current settings of the maintenance items to reenter the settings after initialization or replacement.

Copystar Cs-3035 With Df-73 Finisher 456 941 Pages

Page Part names Duplex unit Figure Remove the two positioning pins and refit all the removed parts. Poor contact in feed clutch Reinsert the connector.

The selected item is displayed in reverse, and the clutch turns on copysta 1 s. Purpose To forcibly stabilize the machine before the fixing section reaches stabilization temper a ture.

When paper reaches the fixing section after the transfer process, it passes between the press roller and heat roller, which is heated by fixing heaters M or S FH-M or FH-S.

Remove the two screws securing the feedshift guide assembly and then the assembly. Remove the lower drawer from the copier. Purpose Sets the punch limit to notify the user of the time to collect punch-hole scr ap.

Copystar CS-3035

Procedure Start Enter maintenance mode. Heat roller Heat source: Insert the DP into the copier. Page 2 Intermediate vopystar section Machine front Machine inside Machine rear Figure Intermediate tray section 1.


Open the staple cover and insert the staple cartridge into the stapler. Insert the power plug of the copier to the outlet and turn the power switch on. Secure the lateral size adjusters using the screw for each. Take the power label from the fax-kit label sheet, and adhere it to the copier directly under the power switch. Purpose To change the drum refresh operation time and the developing bias on time at power copysta and after cop ying if image flow level is low.

Purpose Used to adjust the speed of the respective motors when the magnification is not correct.

Insert the main harness connector into the relay wire connector. Page Specifications Type Screw Cs-035 Figure To reset the paper misfeed detection, open and close the switchback unit to turn the switchback unit safty switch off and on. Detects a paper jam in the job separator. If the display shows the message requesting toner replenishment, replace the cartridge.