This is done in order to adjust angle of travel to and from the Printer and Flipper Module. Printing onto such cards will ultimately lead to poor printquality and will greatly reduce the life of the Printhead. Prepare the printer for the Firmware upgrade. Open the front cover. This procedure is used to adjust the position of the card in the Print driver and does not change the internal settings of the Printer. Downloading Firmware continued Step2ProcedureUse the Select a printer to continue dropdown menu to select the Printer.

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Check to see if a card is jammed in the print station of the Printer. This procedure is used to adjust the position of the card in the Print driver and does not change the internal settings of the Printer.

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If the issue persists, replace the Magnetic Module. This option may help correct encoding problems in all operating systems. Resolving The Poor Image Quality Problems If a small or low-resolution image is stretched or eldctronics up, a pixilated or grainy effect will occur when printing, as shown below rightside.

The following table describes available Telnet commands. These often share the same data cable or port as a Printer and may be the source of knc problems. Page If the white border is on the trailing edge of the card, adjust the Horizontal value by Card is not being detected by card TOF Sensor 11 sec after the initiation of a print job causing the Printer to produce an error.

New Drivers  3WARE 8006 WINDOWS DRIVER

Place the Flipper Table next to Printer, as shown below. Page 8 Section 1: Buffer A block of memory, in the Printer or PC, that holds print files until the processor is ready to print them. Therequired encoder voltage for the cards will need to be known in order toproperly set the Encoder Voltage Offset value.

FARGO electronic PERSONA C30 : – Fargo Persona C30 Card Printer User Guide

Here the Lever is still up. After making the required selection, vargo Magnetic Track Options box displays the current set of customization options for the selected track. The Ribbon installed does not match the Printer model.

Click VeriMark below for the rectangle-sized area.

Click on the Device Option tab. Information that raises potential safety issues is indicated by a warningsymbol as shown to the left.

Selecting Custom will provide the option to select which components toinstall. Once the Printhead is completely dry, replace the Ribbon and close the Front Cover.

Use the Printhead Cleaning Swab to gently rub back and forth over the entire length of the Printhead 3 to 4 times. Dye MigrationThe diffusion of dye out of the card surface and into anotherreceptive surface, such as a vinyl pouch card holder, resulting in afaded image.

This allows the user to write to the smart card chip with a standard D30e interface in the back of the Printer or with the optional built-in encoder.


Enter a negative value to decrease the amount of tension that is placed on theRibbon during printingOREnter a positive value to increases the amount of tension that is placed on theRibbon during printing. Check that the following items are included: Replace the Card Hopper Feed Motor.

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This will erase the full card. Selecting the Defined Area s function continued Refer to the previous procedure. Normally the Prox encoder is installed into Bay1 and no adjustment is necessary. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. The second page of the document will be printed on the front side of thecard. Using the Resin Heat K option Front and Back Use this option to control the amount of heat the Printer uses when printing with the resinblack panel s of a full-color Ribbon or when printing with a resin-only Ribbon by adjustingthe Resin Heat slide.

Electrohics the About buttonStep1DescriptionClick on the About button to open a dialog box containing the copyright andversion, date code information about this Printer Driver software.

Output Any product of the Printer including card image, encoded data and lamination.