The same problem over here, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. There is an extra space on the PCB for the 3rd cap C Opening the case without breaking anything was the most difficult part, and your instructions were very helpful. Because the LG LWP has detailed liquid crystal technology, you can treasure the solid viewing experience and increase your work output. Ohh how I missed it. Managers and system administrators alike are happy with the ergonomics, design, and capabilities of the LG LWP.

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While the capacitors were fine, it appears that the T-CON board, which is bolted on the back of the panel, was faulty.


Thank you for posting the instructions, it brought my wonderful monitor back to life and saved a big wad of cash. I’m glad to hear your findings. This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

Frits said this on August 10, at I have tried other hdmi cables no change tried it on a newer monitor works fine on hdmi, LWP works on vga no problems but i would prefer hdmi.


More items related to this product. The case on this model has no visible screws. Replaced it and my monitor was back alive!!!

However, there is one question that I have — I believe there is a mix-up in capacitor values. Best Selling in Monitors See all. Hi, looking for a part to order a couple of capacitors Digikey. Please pass along the part. John said this on September 28, at 8: The caps I bought were also 16v and a bit taller so I had to leave the leads a little longer and bend them over so the circuit l246wo would go back in but l246wwp like a charm!

I also want to thank you for this post, really! Note how the new 16V caps fit the outline of polarity diagram on the circuit board exactly. Best regards from France. I l246dp nothing about parts.

Thanks, fixed mine too!!

So for about 1 euro 50 eurocent per capacitor and an hour and l246w; half of work, my trusty old LWP is working perfectly again. Skip to main content. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You may also like. Opening the housing was a bit of a struggle, but after that it all went smoothly!


Once the puzzle was put back together a power on test lit up the power on leds.

L246WP Support

Register Sign In Help. Can you try launching the Intel Graphics option. Soldering in the new ones took about 2 minutes, and putting everything back together about 10 minutes.

Ohh how I missed it. Elle said this on September 9, at 9: BenQ Q24W5 with board code Thanks SO much for posting this. Ben Herfst said this on March 2, at 2: The final key was the Capacitor description. The monitor works perfect now.

My same monitor as yours started to fail in the same manner.