LG Chocolate general outline views The newly revealed numeric part of the keypad is crafted in a great way and is really easy to use. The user interface of the phone can be a little complicated at times, with some items available in more than one place e. From our use, the audio quality from the phone and earphones is sharp and clear, nothing in the way that would spoil the experience. LG has recently been closing the gap with other mobile phone brands in the style segment aggressively, and the KG is clear proof of LG’s intentions. The LG KG Chocolate has tricky controls, and it lacks a speakerphone, an external memory card slot, and voice dialing.

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The touchpad buttons surely take some time to get used to. The phone is mainly targeted at a market niche of expensive designer phones which have the main purpose of distinguishing their owners from the general crowd.

Below the bright, richly coloured screen, the perfectly flat keypad emits a red glow, waiting for the lightest of touches to bring the phone to life.

Also, the plastic LCD cover is essentially a part of the phone – scratching it is going to be heartbreaking. PC connectivity is taken care of with an included USB og and software.


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Quality of the chocolate seems kf800 be as good or better than any phone that the I have used or had the opportunity to use. Cingular operates mostly on the frequency where I live and some on frequency. Being all glossy, the outer surface catches fingerprints exceptionally easy. Of course those numbers are strictly indicative.

Camera, Video and MP3 playback. Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi review. Talking about sleeves, let’s roll up ours and get down to work in order to show you what this baby can offer. Official LG photos Key features: Stunning design Touch sensitive keypad Cons: The LG KG Chocolate could have made its debut on a catwalk – ‘Sexy’ simply sums up the phone with its classy looks and sleek body.

Fingerprints and smudges quickly build up with all the moisture.

LG KG800 Chocolate review

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And as such it should be viewed in its own right taking into account its marketing specifics. It’s the only thing that is bad about the phone. Loading up your own tunes requires a bit more work. Both phones were purchased overseas and the rizor was not released from any of the major US carriers.


You either need to buy 2. What is more the touch pad is automatically deactivated when the slider is closed.

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GSMArena team31 May More items related to this product. The manufacturer advises not to touch the touch pad with metallic objects and never to use it with wet fingers and even wipe moisture from the touch pad if there is some because otherwise it kgg800 damage the sensors. The Chocolate is a phone that does most things, but none of them particularly well.

The battery cover is hard to disengage in fact. LG Chocolate held in hand: Overall, the LG KG Chocolate’s strong points seem to overshadow the few minor shortcomings – especially if you are into phones for their bling.

Page 1 of 1. We would have admired the fact that the manufacturer allows you to use high-quality headphones if you want to if it wasn’t for the mediocre capabilities of the MP3 player itself. LG Chocolate numeric keypad.