It’s not a white-box cut-down “OEM” version, though; it’s the same thing, made in the same factory, and sold in nice retail packaging with a full bundle of extras. Give Dan some money! Digital video is captured in AVI format, and you can shoot x pixel video at either 15 or 8 frames per second fps. A little bean-bag is helpful in situations like this. It was horrible service, and a cheap camera. By toy-cam standards, this picture is a revelation. I’m sending mine back!

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Top rated Most recent Top rated. I took good care of it, didn’t drop it or anything of the like. It just doesn’t have the Mustek brand anywhere on it or its packaging. You want a black frame? I don’t like the digital zoom and the fact you can’t zoom while recording video. I have no real complaints about this camera. Give Dan some money! Far worse interpolation crimes have been committed than dv33000, but there still seems to be no point using the DV’s by mode.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. They may be rather stiff, and you have to tweak and shoot and tweak and shoot to get the setting right.

The battery life itself is good, lasting about three hundred pictures before I had to change my batteries. Recording on a card is useful as it means you can buy a bigger card to increase the video recording time or the number or pictures you can take. The pictures are the most clearest, and the videos are sortta fussy.


Customer reviews

And the DV, despite its quirks, is the best I’ve seen so far. It’s the same as the Mustek-branded versionthough.

I don’t know how consistent the focal distance of other DVs is likely to be. This is purely because the DV has a half-decent lens.

d3v000 The DV’s video clip resolution, like that of the earlier super-toy-cams I’ve reviewed, is by It’s a good general purpose focal length, though. Mine was a random retail sample, and people don’t seem to be complaining to Aus PC Market about fuzzy indoor shots, so maybe mine was a fluke.

Mustek DV review – Engadget

This camera is also great because it’s so small it can fit in your pockets, great for anything By toy-cam standards, this picture is a revelation. The same, but shot with a Samsung DigiMax. It was horrible service, and a cheap camera. Super-toy-cams aren’t dirt cheap keyring mutsek like the tiniest toy-cams, and if all you want to do is shoot stills then the basic Kodak or Olympus is a better choice.

Again, the quality difference was trivial. Then, after less than a month of using it, it simply stopped working. For warranty information about this mhstek, please click here.

If you just have RISC OS then the extra video features are no use so you might as well buy a camera without video support but that takes better photos.


Quickly switch from video to still camera by pressing a few buttons. In stutter-vision mode the camera’s overlaying consecutive frames on top of muste, other, so it probably has a de facto exposure that’s twice as long again. It takes between six and twelve seconds, depending on resolution, to take a picture.

Review: Mustek DV digital camera

Mine has started to separate down the middle, but the camera still works the same as the day I purchased it and this problem can easily be fixed mstek superglue. As a cheap general purpose device that can take pictures and record dv30000 clips the DV has a lot going for it.

You can’t use the zoom while you’re muwtek video, but you can set it beforehand and then shoot at that zoom level; the DV doesn’t snap back to un-zoomed mode when you start video recording. However the picture quality is acceptable and the video quality is really quite good. The images I took when abroad are of good quality though not the bestand the majority of the images turn out rather clear.