You might want to wait and see how those reviews turn out. I was thinking about getting the Udac2 for my Sennheiser HD cans, but now I’m thinking that this Behringer may be a better buy. I ended up writing my own software to do that. The distortion measurements include all frequencies up to 22 Khz. NwAvGuy January 17, at 7: There is also a stereo headphone jack with volume control that can be used to monitor what is being recorded as well as an optical output.

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Product images sourced from Amazon. I tried several kinds of sound cards, both usb and firewire driven, but the day I got this one, I knew my long journey had uca022 to an end.

A great audio interface needs to have at least one good quality microphone pre-amp. Thank you very much for your detailed review! I’ll probably buy the UCA More on that in a bit. NwAvGuy March 2, at 1: Thanks and regards, Ian.

Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface Review 2018

Anonymous October 30, at 8: When I played itunes ucca202 the Fii0 d3 and uc2a02 switched to Win 7 Media Center to watch a film, there was a loud continuous break up and static noise. The separation above hz below that frequencies are largely non-directional anyway ranges from a worst case —50 dB up to nearly —75 dB around 3 Khz. A flat impedance curve would mean the output impedance doesn’t really matter i.


I was never a fan of Creative sound devices after comparing them to the Aureal Vortex cards several years back.

I was thinking about getting the Udac2 for my Sennheiser HD cans, but now I’m thinking that this Behringer may be a better buy. A good circuit design helps minimize the errors. Cheapest one would be 30ish dollars. You might have your analog connections wrong or the volume turned all the way down on the UCA NwAvGuy August 23, at This unit is a perfect addition for your music accessories for home recording, especially if you already own a non-plug-and-play mixer.

It can be used to interface any line-level audio equipment to your PC or Mac using its stereo RCA input and output jacks. Anonymous August 14, at 7: Thanks for taking the time to reply and so promptly. TJ May 7, at 8: Their gear can stand up to just about anything comparable at any price in terms of both measurements and blind listening tests.

It’s small hence handy and easy to take with, it’s easy to use, just one or two knobs, no curent needed as it gets its power from the comp, uc202 it delivers.

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Some devices use various kinds of digital or electronic stepped analog volume controls to avoid this problem. Thanks for your thorough write-up on the uca Both of these tend to reduce channel separation. Behringer could have filtered more of this out, but the filter itself might have had a negative uc202 on performance in the audible range so this is likely a good trade-off.

Behringer UCA Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Thank you for the comment, vittau! How does it compare to the Behringer UCA? Alan March 3, at 5: How much the 50 ohms hurts you will come down to how much the impedance of the your AKG headphones varies. There’s nothing uca2202 Behringer’s site that would suggest the opposite.

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I’m currently driving my ‘s with a noisy internal soundcard in a laptop, so the Behringer most likely will be an improevment. This is far better performance than I expected from such a small inexpensive device and more than enough for most any application.


I have a future article planned on audio interfaces.